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Spring 2022
Jun 30 ’22

Bismarck Mandan Lacrosse has received a few generous grants.  These grants have provided the organization with several equipment packages for team members to be able to sign out and use for the season (with a deposit in case of damages to any of the items or not returned) and return at the completion of the season.  The equipment packages must stay with the organization but be lent out during the year.  The sticks are not included.  Packages available are:


  • 5 medium Marverik Starter Kits (helmet, shoulder, elbow, and gloves)
  • 7 large Maverik Starter Kits (helmet, shoulder, elbow, and gloves   

  • WHY:

This is to help players who either are not able to afford the appropriate gear or not sure if they will continue to play and would like to use the gear to try out the sport of lacrosse.  This service will provide more children of the Bismarck Mandan area to be able to join our team. 


There will be a Grant Equipment tab to click on through our website where you will fill out information and place your name on the list.  If you are not able to sign up then all the spots have been taken, it is first come first serve.  When you sign up you will provide a deposit check for the gear (in case it is damaged or not returned).  If only one item is damaged or not returned you will be charged the amount for that one item, and likewise with more than one item or the whole set.  The boys deposit check will be for $200 and the girls deposit check will be for $ 75, made out to Bismarck Mandan Lacrosse Association (BMLA).  The check will be held onto until the gear is returned in good shape.  The gear will be turned in at the end of the season but can be turned in before the season is over if the player would like to buy their own, as this will allow BMLA to provide the gear to another player. 


Anyone can take advantage of this resource, however we ask that you take into consideration families that may not be able to afford this gear.  If you are interested or know someone who would be interested then sign up on the list before all equipment packages are reserved.  

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