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Weather Policy

In an effort to be clear and consistent for the benefit of player, parent and coach planning, lacrosse practice and games will occur rain or shine for all teams. In the instance where there is a threat of lightening or severe weather warnings from the National Weather Services, under USA Lacrosse guidelines, practice may be delayed and/or cancelled by the coach. If the Bismarck/Mandan Parks and Rec have cancelled outdoor activities due to inclement weather Bisman Lacrosse will also be cancelled. In the event practice is cancelled, the team manager and/or coach will post this information on our website and on our Facebook account. Best efforts will be made to take cover in cars or nearby buildings, but it is important for parents to make arrangements for pick up as soon as possible. In these instances, a coach will remain at the field until all the players have been picked up.

Lacrosse is a game that is played in the rain and on wet fields, so rain alone may not be enough to cancel a practice or game.

Coaches do their best to make appropriate decisions regarding weather cancellations, but occasionally mistakes are made (e.g., a game may be canceled that could have been played and vice versa). We appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding in these situations.

Lacrosse is played on very cold days in April and very hot days in June, so please make sure your children are properly clothed for practices and games.

Hydration is very, very important. Please make sure your children bring plenty of water to all games and practices -- particularly on hot days.

Lightning Procedures:

Following the Lightning procedures that are put in place by US Lacrosse, Bisman Lacrosse will follow the procedures outlined below.

  • When bad weather starts to move in, designate one person who is at the field to monitor the weather. There are several weather apps available that you can layer in lightning strikes. (NOAA Hi-Def Radar, WeatherBug, iMap Weather...)
  • If there is lightning within 6 miles of our location, we will evacuate the field immediately.
  • Suspension of play/practice will run in 30 minute intervals. There must be a MINIMUM of 30 minutes between the time of the last lightning strike in the 6 mile radius, and the resuming of play/practice.
  • If need to take cover choose a Safe Location (including grounded building or vehicle) rather than an Unsafe Location (including small covered shelters outside, such as dugouts, bleachers, rain shelters, golf shelters, picnic shelters, or near light post or fences).
  • Resuming of play will occur if lightening has cleared the area and met standards by US Lacrosse guidelines, and there is still time left for practice.

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