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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Next Meeting

August 6th at Brady Martz 6pm - open to everyone to attend in person or via conference line

Dial-in number (US): (978) 990-5034

Access code: 409459#


M Jochim (parent)

Vice President

L Geiger (parent) 


A Johansen (parent)


T Vander Laan (parent)

Member At-Large


Board Members will serve a two year term. There are 3 positions whose terms will expire August 31st. Please reach out to a Board member or coach if you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

Via resolutions, the BOD approved two policies to address the reimbursement of expenses incurred by coaches (training, travel, etc.) and partial reimbursement for costs associated with becoming a certified lacrosse official.  The policies are subject to change or be voided at any point with BOD approval.  If you are interested in viewing the policy please contact us.

Previous Meetings:

BMLA Meeting minutes July 9.docx 

BMLA Meeting minutes May 21.docx 

BMLA Meeting meeting minutes april 23.docx 

BMLA Meeting meeting minutes.docx 

BMLA Meeting agenda March minutes.docx 

BMLA Meeting agenda Feb meeting minutes.docx 

BMLA Meeting agenda jan minutes.docx 

BMLA meeting minutes - December 2019.pdf 

BMLA Meeting Minutes-November 2019.pdf 

BMLA Meeting Minutes-October 2019.pdf 

BMLA Meeting Minutes-September 2019.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0819.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0719.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0619.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0519.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0419.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0319.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0119.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 1218.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 1118.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 1018.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0918.pdf 

BMLA Minutes 0618.docx 

BMLA Minutes 0518.docx 

BMLA Minutes 0418.docx 

BMLA Minutes 0318.docx 

BMLA Minutes 0218.docx 

BMLA Minutes 0118.docx 

BMLA Minutes 1217.docx 

BMLA Mtg Minutes 1117.docx 

BMLA Meeting Minutes 1017.docx 

Bismarck Mandan Lacrosse Association Agenda 0917.pdf

Bismarck Mandan Lacrosse Association Minutes 0917.docx 

BMLA August 2017 Board Mtg.docx 

BMLA July 2017 Board Mtg.docx 

BMLA June 2017 Board Mtg Agenda.docx 

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