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LAX Equipment Changes

Chest Protectors

Beginning in 2021, all goalie chest protectors must meet the new NOCSAE performance standard ND200. This includes both boys and girls. For the most part, this will not affect individual players unless they choose to purchase their own goalie chest protector. BMLA is currently in the process of making sure that all of our inventory of goalie chest protectors includes only NOCSAE ND200 certified chest protectors for use beginning this spring.

Beginning in 2022, US Lacrosse and NFHS boysâ?? field players must also wear chest protection that meets the NOCSAE ND200 standard. This includes all levels of boys lacrosse, from youth all the way up through high school. In the future, BMLA will begin to replace our current inventory of grant gear chest protectors to make sure that by 2022, they all meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard. It is important to note the change for anyone who might be interested in going and purchasing new equipment this year. If you are considering purchasing a new chest protector this season, please make sure that it is NOCSAE ND200 certified so that you can continue to use it next year as well.

If you have any questions regarding the new chest protector rules, please visit

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